Keep your LAN infrastructure on the cutting edge – and save money
Managed LAN services are particularly beneficial during transition, for example when moving to VoIP or other technologies, or when deploying new LAN equipment. Astranetplus leverages your existing components, such as Cisco and Juniper switches, whenever possible, but replaces outdated parts with state-of-the-art, standardized solutions.

Our made-to-measure pricing models allow you to strike the right balance between one-time costs and monthly charges for ongoing operational tasks. Enterprises benefit from transparent invoices and savings of up to 25 percent compared to managing the infrastructure in-house. the market research organization established that outsourcing the management of LAN infrastructures can result in significant savings.

As Astranetplus.com grows, more communications systems will be added. The possibility of additional sites and expansion has been in the future plans of the company. As the demand for Internet connectivity  increases, along with the increase in competition, Astranetplus.com will continue  to  add new services to keep its customer  base coming back for more.

Lower costs and higher quality through a professionally managed LAN infrastructure with fixed per-port pricing

Local Area Networks (LANs) are key to the stability and speed of enterprise applications. But services such as voice over IP and unified communications place new and greater demands on the performance and availability of active LAN components. This increases administrative effort and ties up valuable resources, especially in organizations with thousands of LAN ports and multiple sites around the globe.
Astranetplus’ Managed LAN Services lends a helping hand when it comes to active LAN components. This managed LAN offering comprises planning and provisioning of ports and software in line with customer requirements, hardware maintenance, and assistance with the rollout. It also includes proactive LAN monitoring, reporting on service level compliance and technical performance, updates, and comprehensive support during ongoing operations. Astranetplus assumes end-to-end responsibility for LAN management: from implementing simple changes, such as employee relocations, to highly complex configuration work.

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Are you planning to own a cyber cafe? Do you want to improve the quality of service that your customers experience? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right page.

This document will provide information for people aspiring to own cyber cafes in the future with information on what they would require to invest in, so as to deliver what we believe is an acceptable quality of service to their customers. This document will also provide valuable information for existing cyber cafe owners.

Some of the factors to consider are

  • Data transfer speed per computer
  • Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • Hardware requirement
  • Computer speed
  • Employees
  • Software applications
  • Maintenance procedure
  • Cyber Cafe Regulations
  • Quality of Service

The speed of a cyber cafe network is the most important factor to consider as this can make or mar the business. Some cyber cafe owners buy bandwidth even before determining the number of computers to install on the network. However, it is the other way round; the amount of bandwidth you can afford for your cyber cafe determines the number of computers to be installed. By the way, bandwidth is the amount of data a network can upload or download in a second (measured in kbps or Mbps).

The best point to start is to determine the speed at which each computer in your cyber cafe should operate. Then determine how many computers you want to install, multiply the two and you have your bandwidth. We recommend a minimum bandwidth of 32 kilobits/second (kbps) per computer. Anything higher than this is great for your cyber cafe. If you must compromise, do not go below 16kbps per PC.

Remember a slow network can lead to loss of valuable customers for your cyber cafe. If your cyber cafe is known as a slow cyber cafe people will always leave when they find a better cyber cafe. One way of knowing a good internet cafe, is that customers keep coming back, even when there are many options. If you are a cyber cafe owner and every day, you see new faces (few loyal customers) than you have to turn a new leaf.

Basic Internet Cafe Requirement
This is the most basic requirement for an Internet Cafe as a reference. However, every Internet Cafe or Gaming Center has their special requirement.

Hardware needed

  1. 20 x Client PCs
  2. 1 x PC to control Clients a.k.a Server
  3. 1 x 24 ports Switch (or Hub?)
  4. 1 x Modem with built-in Router because it is easier to have modem with built-in router (broadband modem).
  5. 1 x Printer – any brand
  6. 1 x Scanner – any brand
  7. 20 x USB extender (If only the USB ports are in the back)

Client PCs x 20 units
Minimum specification required to run internet applications, office applications and games. It is important to have the same specification on all the clients system to minimum maintenance job.

  1. Processor – at least Pentium 4
  2. 40 GB Hard Disk Drive
  3. 256MB RAM Memory
  4. Monitor – 15″ or 17″ or 21″!
  5. Motherboard – Good brand with integrated sound and VGA but separated AGP card is the best!
  6. Keyboard & Mouse – Any good brand keyboard and mouse with scroll.
  7. Speaker or Headphone with Microphone
  8. 100Mbps Network Card
  9. CDRW Drive (optional)
  10. Web Cam (optional)

Software in Clients
Most needed application by customers. It is important to have the same applications on all the clients system to minimum maintenance job.

  1. Operating System – Windows 98, Windows Me or Windows XP
  2. Office Suite – Ms Office or OpenOffice.org
  3. Browser – Internet Explorer, FireFox or Netscape Navigator
  4. Adobe Reader
  5. File Compressor – Winzip or WinRar
  6. QuickTime
  7. Media Player – WinAmp5 and Window Media Player
  8. Messenger – ICQ, Yahoo, MSN and AOL
  9. Anti-Virus – Norton AntiVirus or McAffee
  10. CD Burning Utility – Nero or Alcohol (optional)
  11. Reboot Restoration Utility – Deepfreeze or Norton GoBack, or Juzt Reboot card (optional). Although it is optional, I think it will reduce almost 95% of internet cafe’s maintenance. Think about it!